Safety-Equipment Test

Beacon (LVS) Field Test

This year, you have a pretty unique opportunity to compare avalanche transceivers (LVS) from Mammut, Pieps, and Ortovox in the field.

We'll have a test field at Trübsee with various scenarios where you can learn about the advantages of different devices. Then, you can figure out which one suits you best or offers the best performance for your needs.

A unique opportunity!

Take advantage of the great opportunity to directly compare the latest safety products from PIEPS, ORTOVOX, and MAMMUT in a "real" scenario on the avalanche cone!

Find your buddy in no time!

You've already gained a lot of experience in freeriding or ski touring. You regularly hit the slopes with your buddies, and so far, everything has gone well. Keep it up!

But let's be honest: When something goes wrong, and your skiing buddy gets "caught" in an avalanche, things need to happen quickly. In this workshop, you can sharpen your skills! Because one must be prepared for emergencies, even with prior experience. That's the only way you stand a chance.

Workshop Content:

  • Refresher/Crash course in avalanche rescue procedures
  • 2 prepared, realistic avalanche fields in the terrain:
  • __ No. 1 Easy – Single Burial We've set up an avalanche field from a classic skier-triggered avalanche (medium to large slab) ==> Find Mr. Olsson, a life-sized dummy, in under 15 minutes! Many focus only on the "fine search" with the device, which is too easy and provides a false sense of security. Here, you have a unique opportunity to gain routine and confidence in the entire avalanche rescue process: Signal search, coarse search, fine search, probing and shoveling, first aid, helicopter rescue. The whole process is required!
  • __ No. 2 Complex – Multiple Burial If it gets even trickier and 2 people are buried, without training, you have no chance. Now you have to rescue Mrs. Popov and Mr. Eriksson under the snow! We'll show you the process, and then it's your turn to practice.

Equipment: Use your own gear or test the LATEST devices from Pieps, Mammut, or Ortovox!

Directly compare the various devices on the market now and in the future. A unique opportunity.

You can also check out the latest avalanche backpacks, trigger them, and get the latest tips and tricks from the manufacturers.

Location: Testvillage Alpstübli, Trübsee Engelberg

Meeting Point & Times: Start windows at 10:00 // 13:00 // 15:00

Duration: Possible between your TEST! runs, during lunch break, or as the end of the day. Approximately 65 minutes.



The Austrian company Pieps GmbH is considered the global technology leader in the manufacture of avalanche transceivers. For more than 45 years, the company has developed, produced and distributed products for alpine safety in the snow.

The Pro IPS is the latest Pieps innovation. At 80 metres, the 3-antenna device offers the largest search strip width to date. Furthermore, thanks to the Interference Protection System technology, the influence of electronic interference signals (e.g. smartphones) is reduced as best as possible.


Mammut is a Swiss outdoor company founded in 1862, providing high-quality products and unique brand experiences to mountaineers worldwide. For 160 years, the globally leading premium brand has been synonymous with safety and groundbreaking innovations. Mammut products combine functionality and performance with contemporary design. As a provider of hardware, footwear, and clothing, Mammut is a comprehensive player in the outdoor market. The Mammut Sports Group AG operates in approximately 40 countries and employs around 800 people.

Barryvox® - The digital three-antenna device with a focus on the essentials. Easy operation, clear instructions. Long range, 70-meter search strip width. Easily readable display, glove-friendly buttons, robust housing. A revolutionary simple, visual interface proves that power and smart search support don't have to be complicated.


ORTOVOX LVS devices have been developed from the start with a focus on safety and reliable protection in the mountains. They impress with a simple and user-friendly operating concept, ensuring quick orientation and straightforward readability in emergencies. The LVS sets complete your emergency equipment, allowing you to rely on optimal and dependable assistance in case of need – easy and modern.

ORTOVOX DIRACT VOICE: The first LVS device with voice navigation and Smart Antenna Technology.

  • Talks: Clear voice commands for easy navigation
  • Supports: Easy operation in life-saving moments
  • Protects: Smart antenna technology for quick locating

This compact, lightweight device offers clear instructions, stable displays, and automatic antenna switching. With a rechargeable battery, water protection, and intuitive design, it is ideal for ski tours and freeriding.

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Thomas Scheuner & Dani Perret

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