STYLE! - Skitechnik Freeride with Freeride Pro Corsin Näff

Saturday, 16. March 2024 09:15 – 16:30
Brand Village

Expand Your Ski Horizon!

Get inspired by the ski technique of a freeride pro and/or mountain guide. We are happy to show you in a pragmatic way how you can improve your freeride skills. Expand your horizons and have fun riding with more flow and new (easy) freestyle elements.

Duration: 1 day // Instructor: Ski Coach & Freeride Pro and/or Mountain Guide

  • Control & Safety in open terrain
  • Individual riding technique in different snow conditions
  • For advanced riders: Flow & Style // playful riding
    (Drops, Jumps, Slash-Turns, Hot-Doging, Buttering, etc.)

This workshop is designed for riders with a good to very good skill level!

Corsin Näff is a photographer and filmmaker from the Grisons region. On the side, he is an incredibly skilled skier and is sponsored by Scott as a freerider.

Scott, in collaboration with us, offers you the opportunity to spend half a day riding in the terrain with Corsin Näff and a mountain guide to take your technique to the next level.

Of course, you can borrow a test ski at the Scott tent for this or bring your own.

For this morning, you need a complete and functioning avalanche equipment.

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